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With competence and expertise, our customers needs for their safety devices are designed in our Project Department. Through our many years of experience the first detailed drafts are possible in the early design stages.
Compliance with UVVand the implementation of customer-specific standards and regulations is incorporated into the tender and later sketched out in the construction design.


Our Development Department find new ways by applying ingenuity and expertise. Traditional views are questioned and rethought. In order to save as much time as possible, CADhas its uses here by producing realistic 3D simulations and visualisations.

This aids right from initial problem identification and reviewing in the working out of solutions, sketching designs and creating component descriptions, through to design drawings for prototype production, and right up to the end of the approval and release to product manufacturing stage. The results are tested and “put through their paces” at our premises and, if necessary, TÜVtested.


In close cooperation with the customer, our competent staff realise all the necessary drawings, layout and site plans of the entire system (with integration of the customer’s drawings), right through to individual components – and manufacturing drawings.

CADis our tool of trade. With the automotive industry standard AutoCAD drawings, we can create file formats in DWG, DXFand other formats. Even the standard image file formats of TIFFand JPEGare no problem.


The documentation Department can, if desired, create the individual operating and maintenance instructions for each completed job. Here, the system-specific technical data, materials and subcontractors documentation, manufacturer declarations and certificates, materials list for individual components and the overall system, system layout and safety guidelines are collected and put together for the customer.

The operating and care instructions are delivered digitally.

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